Hi-Visibility Waistcoat Small/Medium

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Part of Personal Protective Equipment the Hi-Visibility Waistcoat has been designed to keep you safe at work and is essential for anyone working near roads, motorways or general traffic. Some European countries require by law that every vehicle be provided with a high-visibility vest with reflective material. The Hi-Visibility Waistcoat can also be used by motorcyclists, cyclists, a runner on the road and others. The Hi-Visibility Waistcoat is compliant with EN471-Class 2. The Hi-Visibility Waistcoat is lightweight and comfortable to wear and is efficient during day and night use. The Hi-Visibility Waistcoat has reflective tape around body and each shoulder. The reflective stripes enhance visibility in the dark and the pattern of the stripes helps to distinguish between objects and people, being the most effective way of outlining the human body. The Hi-Visibility Waistcoat comes in a bright colour in order to be easily seen. Also available in different sizes.


Item Code:Q4029