HypaBand EAB Tape, Medium 5CM X 4.5M

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HypaBand EAB Tapes are regularly used to provide flexible support for sporting applications. The tapes can be used to support weak, injured or rehabilitated joints and muscles, and are an economical option offering great support.The tapes are easy to unwind and tearmaking application simple, quick and effective. The HypaBand Elastic Adhesive Bandage Tapes have a skin friendly zinc oxide adhesive and can be applied directly to skin, and last for several hours. The tapes conforms to body and limb contours and can even be used in awkward areas such as the ankle, knee, wrist or hand. The HypaBand EAB Tapes are individually wrapped for cleanliness and easy storage. They come in three width options, each on a roll allowing you to cut to the desired size.