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As part of RICE treatment for muscle and joint sprains and strains, cold therapy is used in the first stage of an injury to slow down the blood flowing into an injured area, reducing pain and swelling. HypaCool Instant Cold Packs are ideal for emergency pitch-side use or relief on the trail. The ice packs are activated when squeezed, triggering a cooling chemical reaction, and do not require pre-cooling in a freezer, meaning they’re ready whenever and wherever you need them. The HypaCool Instant Cold Packs help relieve pain, reduce swelling and are quick, easy and mess free. HypaCool Instant Cold Packs are single-use only and easy to dispose of in ordinary household or business waste.


How to use instant cold pack:



  • Locate inner pouch and squeeze firmly to rupture inner pouch and trigger reaction


  • Shake¬† briefly to mix contents


  • Apply to injured area. Place therapy sleeve, dressing or similar barrier between skin and cold pack for protection against frostbite


  • Dispose of in household waste after use


5. Do not tear or puncture pack. If pack is ruptured, avoid contact with contents and dispose of


Further information included on back of packet.


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